In the footsteps of Pablo Picasso

According to the old Spanish proverb "walkers, the path is made by walking" you have the option of just a few minutes' drive from Riumar, the nearby mountain ranges, caves with springs, dams, reservoirs, caves and the Ermita de Sant Salvador in Horta de Sant Joan in Santa Barbara to get to know. So if you as a dog owner once the "fed up" has notes of "sun, beach and sea" and after 1 week that he has still not managed, with his dog, the kilometer-long dog beaches in Riumar and Eucaliptus-Playa to the end to explore the open, for example, the beautiful mountains of Santa Barbara, only 6km behind Amposta (about 26km from Riumar). Here we have lived in the footsteps of Pablo Picasso impressive natural landscapes and hermitages on the "Witch Mountain" entdeckt.Hier and painted Pablo Picasso in his early years with his lover Fernande.

Of course, there are countless other opportunities in the immediate vicinity of the is surrounded by mountain ranges Ebro Delta to find "his personal pilgrimage" in complete peace and quiet and to get to know a completely different flora and fauna, such as in the region of the impressive 1,441 m high Mont Caro (Parc Natural dels Port) near Tortosa, which can be reached on switchbacks to the highest point for a breathtaking drive. At the summit of the highest mountain of the region (see last photo) offers a fantastic view of the coast and the Ebro Delta in clear weather. On the high plateau of Mont Caro, a few vertical meters below the summit with transmitter installations (by the way, everything is accessible by car on paved mountain roads), there is a collection of mountain homes, where we very hospitable and very favorable with delicious Catalan tapas, fresh salads, Cafe con Leche and of course wine and cerveza were served. On the way back you will discover a well-preserved Templar castle and potteries, which can be reached after crossing the old ferry at Miravet before they get on the interesting waterfalls and barrages at Xerta and caves at Perello back in`s Ebro Delta. Insert at the end of the excursion tour even a short stop on the coast of Perello-Mar / Ampolla and you will find that the picturesque lonely bays (also in Tres Calas) which inferior in the Balearic Islands in nothing.

So who the "beach hiking, the paintball facility, archery and rock climbing in the adjacent children's amusement park are in the sunbathing, swimming, walking, playing kite surfing, canoeing, fishing, cycling and quad biking tennis, football, beach volleyball, or" in the long run be too boring, which takes place in this holiday certainly "his personal excursion package" to get to know the culture and the land and removed all this just a short drive from Riumar. Riumar, Eucaliptus-Playa and Perello Mar (Ampolla) themselves are quiet contemplative urbanisations with special charm off the beaten track of mass tourism, without Ballermann, guests animation and Co. who nonetheless holiday complains here about boredom, just do just anything with himself and the most beautiful time of the year to begin.

Our family is in 24 years Riumarurlaub unfortunately not been able to explore everything. For this reason, we look forward to more new great testimonials of our guests, show you the few ways that your beach vacation an adventure holiday in Delta Chalets can be. Many more tips about excursions and attractions in the region Ebro Delta you get in person at the office administrator. Moreover, we introduce you to our new guest newspaper "Delta-News" available, which we have in 4 languages ​​(German, Spanish, English and French) translated for you and provide our guests for free. Another service of Delta Chalets.