Right next to our office is located "The fishermans Shop "Tot Pesca"" with the largest assortment in the entire in Ebro Delta  Discounted cheap fishing licenses for the duration of your stay you get here sofort. Angellizenzen currently cost about 20 Euro per person and are valid for 1 year. With the license, you are granted authority on the river Ebro and fishing the sea.

Our "tour guide" will help you after your arrival in Riumar and L`Ampolla further arrange further questions about boat rentals, fishing trips on the river Ebro, at the waterfalls in Xerta and in the mountains. In the resort of Riumar and L`Ampolla they are your experienced partner in matters boot selection, bait fish, preferred fishing spots and guided day tours, both on the river Ebro, in the direction of reservoirs and for deep-sea exits.

Fishing on the Costa Dorada in Catalonia
The Costa Dorada, with its villages and towns by the sea an area with a long seafaring tradition. The beaches are long and fine sand. Through a well-stocked selection of holiday homes in the area, the Costa Dorada is a preferred holiday destination in northern Spain, which is very suitable for families and peace and tranquility.
The 20 municipalities on the Costa Dorada, extend over a coastline of more than 200 km and more than 700 hectares of spacious beaches with very gently sloping, sandy beaches and clear water. (By the way: For years regularly controlled excellent water quality in Riumar). Nestled between the sea and mountain ranges are vast areas with quiet villages and cultivated fields. Whether spring, summer, autumn or winter. Each season has in the Ebro Delta, one of the most beautiful nature reserves, its own charm. It attracts more and more people to Spain on the Mediterranean coast, for your fishing holiday, you can make diverse in Riumar. From fishing boats hauling is i.a. with small-Kona Heads very successful. Mainly in the Ebro delta will Bluefish and Palometta fishing, as well as tuna and amberjacks. Another very promising method is the drift fishing. Given its commitment from a feed track from fish waste or finely chopped sardines. Special Tackle you need for fishing on the Spanish Mediterranean coast and not buy a Predator spinning rod with medium roller "30 string" enough to fish on the surface. With a rod of 30-pound class, you can fish in deeper areas in addition (8m to 15 m depth) and with whole baitfish.

Mostly you will catch Mediterranean mackerel, on average by 0.5 kg. However, copies of up to 2.5 kg are not uncommon. Do not be surprised, this mackerel are real fighters by nature and the Drill larger specimens is usually already stunning for beginners. The exquisite culinary of mackerel Dolphins will ask, because drills with Dolphins can only be described as spectacular.

The river Ebro is incidentally only 500 to 800 meters from your holiday home in Riumar and it also offers excellent opportunities for fishing. For example, catfish up to 50 kg are not uncommon, and even 2 meters large specimens already adorn many photo Trophies our cottage guests. While most "the real men" your beloved hobby to pursue fishing and intense your instinct following to provide your family with food, the other part of the family can relax on the beach or in the warm pool.

Daily offshore exits with dolphin sightings and Waller tours
Take advantage of the diverse service offerings of third parties in the Ebro Delta, offer you the hobby fishing still at a fair price. Fishing equipment and bait are already on board. It is cheaper than you think and an unforgettable adventure with dolphin observations with the whole family. Further information is available in the administrator's office. Also all questions about boat rentals are answered here. Until 15hp no license is necessary. From 15 PS you need a driver's license "pleasure craft inland". You can at various German, Spanish and Dutch party boats with 5 hp, 13.5 hp and boats with 40 hp outboards for rent, which are also suitable for trolling in the mouth of the Ebro. The 13.5 hp boats are as (: in Jesus i Maria Our TIP) especially suited for catfish fishing in the river. 40 hp boats are mostly used for fishing in the mouth and on the open sea. Boats to 13.5 hp are free of license, the 40 horsepower boat licenseOffice prescription. The rental rates below are per week including insurance, but without fuel costs.

Rates of Boat Owners
Since the rents for Fishing and pleasure boats on the part of most local vendors were increased at the Ebro, we can not give at this point no definitive information on current rents. Our Property Management in Riumar gladly help after your arrival in selecting appropriate and fair provider spot on. Even deep-sea exits and fishing trips (with tour guide) can be booked on site upon arrival. The trips take about 3 hours and any longer. The daily rate depends on the number of anglers and of course, the seller. Be sure to renegotiate. The towns on the reservoirs Mequinenza and Ribarroja rise partly extra fees for day tickets.

Fishing season for Palometta and Bluefish is from March to November.
In the Ebro Delta Fishing: sea bass, eels, carp, barbel, catfish, Blue Fishe, Palometta, mullet and flatfish. Continue upriver they predominantly fishing walleye, pike, black bass and carp king.

Also trout species are found in the tributaries and in the mountains. For more information about fishing you get after your arrival you personally. You will be notified about all the best fishing grounds and also on the choice of bait. We wish: "Petri Heil"